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Customer Reviews

  • Doug & Cynthia Park

    "I wanted you to know that of the many sub-contractors used during the building of my home, I am most proud of the work of your talented artisans.  I selected this word carefully because there are differences between journeymen and true craftsmen.  There is also a difference between a true craftsman and an artisan who takes his craft one step beyond the expected and creates a product that is a joy to see, to feel, and to experience.  I put your team in that category.  Your work is a joy to experience.  I love the look and feel of the shower stall.  I enjoy using the feel of your work and your artisans are the best of the many craftsmen who contributed to my home."

    "Thank you so much for your care and quality.  I am proud of your work and will speak well of your organization every chance I get."

  • Mark & Lisa McNeilly

    "McNeilly Construction Company and our clients have worked with Majestic Flooring & Design, Rod Bradley, and his professional staff for over 8 years.  We have depended on his companies' warranties, and integrity to insure our homes have the best quality in product and workmanship.  We would highly recommend Majestic Flooring & Design."

    Mark and Lisa McNeilly